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Lipstick is not the only thing you need for great lips. Your lips themselves must be in good condition before you apply any tints or colors on them. But if you’re grappling with dry lips, you need the help of a lip balm or scrub. Here are some things you should know about choosing the right one for your puckers and how to get the best out of them: 1. Both lip scrubs and balms address the same problem—dry lips. Most people use lip balms to tackle dryness as it happens, since you apply it when your lips are already chapped. However, even if your lips aren’t dried out, you should still apply lip balm to prevent your puckers from damage. 2. Meanwhile, lip scrubs are also preventive. By exfoliating your lips once or twice a week, you remove the dead skin cells from your lips already. This reduces the chances of chapping in the future. 3. Since both products deal with dryness and chapping, lip balms and scrubs also help lip colors stay longer and look better on your lips. 4. Yes, both lip scrubs and balms are safe to ingest, especially the organic ones. And just in case you’ve heard the rumor that lip balm is addicting, fear not; there is actually no substance in them that can cause you to get addicted. 5. Other than repairing and preventing dry lips, there are a multitude of other uses for lip balm. For example, you can use it to help slide a stuck ring off a finger, or getting zippers unstuck. You can also use it to prevent hair color from staining your skin—just apply it around your hairline before putting dye on your hair. And you can use it to de-puff your eyes if you’ve run out of eye cream. The only catch: you should use unflavored, plain lip balm for these lifehacks.