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Our eyes are probably the most expressive part of our face. Unfortunately, the skin around our eyes is the least resilient to stress and environmental damage. Because we rely on seeing each other’s eyes to communicate, tired, dark, puffy eyes can get obvious really fast. Thankfully, there are several eye treatments available for all skin types at all price ranges. Here are a few tips on using eye treatments: 1.) Go natural. Go for eye treatments that contain natural active ingredients. These tend to be safer and less harsh on the skin around your eyes compared to synthetic ingredients. 2.) Go for pads. Gel pads and similar products are much easier to use than those that require a direct application with your fingertips. Just stick them to the area around your eyes like you’d do with a cucumber slice, and you’re on your way to brighter, puff-free eyes. 3.) Use the treatment time to pamper yourself. Why not turn your eye treatment time into something more relaxing and special? Stress is probably the main cause of your dark circles and puffiness anyway, so making some quality for it makes a lot more sense than you might think.