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Skincare Devices


Sit tight! Beautiful things are worth the wait.

₱695.00 ₱1,000.00
₱888.00 ₱1,499.00
5 Colors
4 Variants
₱945.00 ₱1,395.00
Having quality skincare devices on hand doesn’t just save you time on your skin care regimen, it can help you do a much more thorough job as well. Here are a few times on choosing the best skincare devices for you. 1. Choose quality over price. Better to buy once and cry once than to repeat the whole process every few months. Buying cheap tends to be more expensive in the long run, which puts a strain on both your finances and the environment. 2. Battery life matters. Avoid devices that use disposable batteries, since these can get expensive and wasteful over time. Go for rechargeable models or those that can run off a house current instead. 3. Use milder settings first. Facial brushes and massagers can do wonders your skin, but you don’t actually need that much force to make good use of them. Resist the temptation to use the highest settings of force the brush into your skin. 4. Sterilize your tools. The devices we use can, over time, harbor all sorts of nasty pathogens. Make sure to swab the parts of your devices that come in contact with your skin with rubbing alcohol to prevent infections.