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Hyperpigmentation happens when your skin produces an abundance of melanin in certain spots. It can be due to genetics, a reaction to injuries, a hormonal imbalance, or any number of factors. While harmless, it can cause some people a lot of esteem issues. Thankfully a number of products are available to treat hyperpigmentation. Here are some pointers on finding one that’s right for you. 1.) Consult a dermatologist. This is an important step as it can help determine the ultimate cause of your hyperpigmentation. If an underlying hormone issue is causing hyperpigmentation, for example, you may continue to experience symptoms later on, no matter how many products you try. 2.) Don’t expect miracles. While most hyperpigmentation cases are minor and easily treated by a couple of week’s use of an appropriate whitening product, there is a limit to what they are capable of. 3.) Know your spot and area treatments. Some treatments involve treating just one spot with hyperpigmentation, such as the case with acid toner sticks and similar products. Others, such as oral medication, microdermabrasion, hydroquinone, and skin bleaching can involve treating much larger areas or even your entire body