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About Cream & Liquid Highlighter

Cream and liquid highlighter is the best choice for dramatic colors that will instantly turn heads in the room. Here are a few tips on using them.

  1. Check out color charts online. Take your time to look at different recommendations by beauty experts on how to mix and match highlighter shades with your own skin tones. These recommends aren’t exactly the only way to go, but they can be excellent points of reference when you start applying your own liquid highlighter.

  2. Get a good set of makeup sponges. The applicator that comes with your highlighters is rarely good enough. Thankfully there’s a wide variety of high-quality sponges that can be used to rein in the boldness of cream and liquid highlighters.

  3. Know your skin type. Cream and liquid highlighters tend to be more suited for dry skin, as they will often give it a more hydrated look. Different brands will also offer liquid highlighters that will work well across a wide range of skin types.