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About Eyebrow Pens

The microbladed look is in right now, and eyebrow pens are perhaps the most affordable way to achieve it, without committing too much. Here are a few pointers on these revolutionary, easy-to-use products.

1.) Find a color you can commit to. Regardless of the look you want to pull off, make sure the color is something you actually love.

2.) Pressure is everything. Generally speaking, apply more pressure for darker brows, and less for lighter, feathered brows. This is quite intuitive though, and you’re soon going to get the hang of it.

3.) Use a cotton bud to soften lines. If the lines seem too bold for you, you can carefully run a cotton bud on them to soften the lines and make them look less microbladed.

4.) The more tools the better. Having a good set of eyebrow tools is always a good idea. They’ll allow you do so much more with less, and keep you from being stuck with whatever applicator the eyebrow pen has.