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Back in the olden days, there was just one option for dressing up your brows: an eyebrow pencil. But today, there’s now a wide range of products out on the market with the sole purpose of making them beautiful. Which ones should you use, then? Here are a few tips to help you out: 1. **Brow pens** – just like eyebrow pencils, they are designed to fill in bald spots in your brows. If you’re guilty of overplucking or have naturally thin brows, pick this. Also great for re-shaping the arches of your brows—when applied using short, upward strokes, a brow pen imitates real strands of hair. 2. **Brow gels** – also known as brow mascaras, because of how they’re applied. They’re best for managing bushy brows because of their gentle hold. They can also make fine eyebrow hairs look thicker, as these gels coat individual strands of hair on your brow. Comes in a good range of colors. 3. **Brow powders** – got white hair on your eyebrows? Don’t pluck them out. Use a brow powder instead to cover those up for a uniform color. With a consistency similar to eyeshadow, these powders can be also used to darken or lighten your brows to match your hair. Has a softer and more diffused effect than pencils. 4. **Brow pomades** – if you’re struggling with barely-there brows, then pomades are your best bet. They provide full coverage when you paint them on. You can also use them to sculpt and shape your brows with a nice color. Their cream-based formulas are also a great choice if you’re looking for something long-lasting and waterproof. 5. **Brow sealers** – like a top coat, put this on to seal your brow masterpiece in place. Prevents smudging, especially if you’ve applied more color, and keeps individual hair strands tidy.