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The creators of Vice Cosmetics believe that everyone deserves to look and feel beautiful, no matter their gender, color, class, shape, or age. A local beauty brand with all-inclusive standards, Vice guarantees high-quality cosmetics that are accessible to everyone. It’s no wonder then that Vice Cosmetics stands for “ganda for all.” Discover your own unique beauty with Vice Cosmetics.

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About Vice Cosmetics

Vice Cosmetics was built on the idea of inclusive beauty for Filipino men and women. As the tagline “Ganda for All” suggests, Vice Cosmetics produces accessible, affordable and high-quality offerings that can be used by practically anyone who wants to look and feel better.

Among Vice Cosmetics’ more popular offerings is the Good Vibes Lipstick which certainly promotes an upbeat mood with its hydrating effects and matte finish. Equally in high demand is the Original Phenomenal Liquid Lipstick which may feel light on the lips but delivers intense colors that will last for extended periods. Beauty sets such as the Phenomenal Liquid Lipsticks Summer Collection and the Little Ponies Deluxe Set have also risen in popularity as of late.

Vice Cosmetics, is a local brand initially popularized by comedian Vice Ganda. Since then, the brand has built a dedicated following that grows in numbers over time. This is a testament to the product’s own quality, merit and viability.

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