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Paglunas gets their inspiration from the direct translation of their name, which in the Philippines, means “remedy” or “healing.” Paglunas provide holistic remedies that are powered by nature. Each product is lovingly handmade and uses all-natural ingredients sourced from around the Philippines in order to heal the body, the mind, and the soul.

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About Paglunas

Paglunas brings forth all-natural apothecary creations meant to relieve and restore the body to its natural state. Started in 2015, the homegrown brand believed that the power of nature could heal and began to make use of the rich resources the Philippines had to offer. These created the happy potions that Paglunas has been known for, which not only cured aches and pains, but brought holistic healing to the mind, body, and soul.

With a focus on basic homemade cures, Paglunas brewed a cooling salve that works as an all-round remedy. This became known as Ginhawa, a Reiki infused balm made to soothe sore spots and inflammation, relieve irritation, and lift away headaches and tension. Made from a blend of carnauba wax, virgin coconut oil, menthol, and a lovely essential oil blend, sinking deep into the healing space that Paglunas holds for you has never been easier.

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