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Erth Origins aims to bring out the beauty in you the natural way. All their products are formulated with natural actives that are free from chemicals and harmful ingredients. Experience the wholesome goodness of Mother Nature in each and every Erth Origins product.

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About Erth Origins

Erth Origins is a local brand that takes the wholesome goodness that Mother Nature has to offer and creates products that are all-natural, and free from chemicals and harmful ingredients. Erth Origins uses natural actives and well-loved local ingredients for their hair care, face and body wash and bath soaps.

Erth Origins is known for their line of soaps and whitening products. Their bestselling Whitening Wash for the Face and Body is made with Kojic Acid, Papaya, Malunggay and Turmeric to provide not only whiter skin, but also clearer and a more even skin color. Its antioxidant properties also help with anti-aging and keeping skin supple and radiant. The ScenTherapy soap line of Erth Origins, which takes inspiration from aromatherapy, has also begun gaining popularity. Their Stress Relief and Calming Soaps not only cleanse and moisturize, but also help relieve stress with its relaxing fragrance.

On the other hand, their Shampoo line comes with a wide variety that addresses every hair problem: dandruff, hair fall and dry hair from coloring. Their Color Protect line, in particular, is made with natural ingredients of Aloe Vera, Bamboo and Beetroot to prolong and enhance your hair’s color and prevent split ends and hair fall. Pair it with their Intense Repair Conditioner for luxurious, healthy locks.

Finally, Erth Origins is in BeautyMNL! Take advantage of their Buy 1, Take 1 promo on their bestselling Whitening Wash for the Face and Body before stocks run out! And trust us, they go fast.

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