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Bendurya manufactures teas, which are mostly made up of tree leaves, twigs, and barks. The usage of said materials make Bendurya’s teas highly potent in delivering the healthy benefits of the superfoods. They’re considered as pioneers in introducing the usage of guyabano, bignay, and mangosteen to the mass market as main ingredients of their herbal tea product line. Bendurya prides itself in having most of their raw materials made in their own farm, which is meticulously handled by farmers to provide its consumers with dependable quality. Those not obtained from Bendurya’s farm are sourced from Mangyan and other tribes in Kalinga as well Mindoro. All products produced by Bendurya are pesticide and chemical-free and are all-natural. The teas are also Halal and FDA approved.

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About Bendurya

Bendurya makes specialty teas from all-natural, pesticide-free ingredients, sourced from either their own farms or from indigenous groups in Mindoro. After bringing guyabano, bignay, and mangosteen teas to the market, they’ve turned their attention to the wonder food turmeric. These teas are a perfect, tasty way to keep healthy as we go about our busy lives.

A few of their specialty teas on BeautyMNL include their Mangosteen Xanthone Tea with Turmeric, Guyabano Herbal Tea with Turmeric, Guyabano Bignay Tea with Turmeric, Bignay Herbal Tea with Turmeric, and Pomelo Tea with Turmeric. Start drinking to a healthier you!

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