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Founded by BNH Cosmetics in 2009, ACWELL combines traditional beauty formulas and modern technology to treat sensitive, troubled skin. Its range consists of skin care, sun care and cleansing products, as well as base makeup products, and all are enriched with traditional Korean herbs like peony, licorice, and kudzu root to maintain the body’s internal harmony. The Aqua Clinity Cream and Bubble-Free pH Balancing Cleanser are among the brand’s bestsellers. ACWELL products are 100% made in Korea.

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Like any K-beauty brand worth its salt, Acwell prides itself in its expert use of ingredients. This stems from their hanbang roots, where traditional Korean medicinal herbs are the key to a flawless complexion. Acwell carefully combines these with modern-day beauty techniques to create products that transform your skin from deep within.

The result is an array of skincare finds that are perfect for sensitive and troubled skin, treating common issues like inflammation and itchiness. All of Acwell’s products are free of harmful parabens, artificial dyes, and mineral oils, which helps with rapid skin improvement.

Their Licorice Low pH Balancing Toner is arguably their most famous product to date. Made of nourishing botanical extracts and 10% licorice root water, the bestselling toner eliminates redness and brightens your skin.

At BeautyMNL, we cherish any brand that goes the extra mile to save our skin. Shop Acwell’s licorice toner on site, and get free shipping for orders worth PHP1,500 or more!

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