In a perfect world, our face-of-the-day is a one and done deal: we apply our makeup in the AM, and it stays flawless until we wipe it all off come nighttime. Rinse, repeat. But if you’re a busy lady in the perpetually sun-soaked Philippines, then you know what it means to sweat and oil up within a few short hours. That’s why we’re never without a trusty compact and blotting papers, right?

But instead of scrambling to fix a ruined base, we think it’s still best to turn to preventive measures—hence, setting sprays and powders. After all, they’re a godsend when you know your skin’s vulnerable to the elements, and even more so if you’ve got long days ahead. The Milani Make It Last Setting Spray (Prime + Correct + Set) is one of our absolute favorites: not only does it set our makeup, it also doubles as a primer that makes application much smoother. And if you’ve got naturally perfect skin (lucky you!), it even works as a mattifying mist that keeps shine at bay.

Its major claim is that it keeps makeup locked in for up to 16 hours, minimizing the usual smudging, fading, or creasing that happens without a good setting product. Now, we wouldn’t recommend having makeup on for that long, but if you had to, this may be the thing that gets you there with zero touch-ups. With just a few spritzes of this easy-to-use spray, you can stay as flawless as you want.

We wanted to see exactly how the Milani Make It Last makes it last throughout a regular day, so BeautyMNL team member Nicky put it to the test. She primed and set her face, then checked in with us mid-day and just before bed to track all changes. Below, you’ll find our guide to using this face-perfecting spray and the results of Nicky’s wear test!



Post-skincare, prep your skin for a flawless base by spritzing on the Milani spray. Raise it at an angle (about 8-10 inches away from your face) and press down to disperse the liquid evenly. One or two sprays should be enough. Leave it for a few seconds to absorb before proceeding with your routine.


Apply the rest of your makeup as you normally would. Our model, Nicky, has combination skin that veers oily, so she brushed powder foundation over her liquid concealer to oil-proof her base even more. If you’re dry or normal, skip powders when you’re using this spray to avoid over-mattifying your skin.


Lock everything in place with another spritz of the spray. Doing so should melt your makeup into your skin, leaving you with a seamless finish and vanished pores. If you’re not used to setting sprays, a bit of tightness can be expected as a result, but it should become more comfortable as it wears.



Nicky: “Right away, I can tell that my skin is much more matte than usual. Even my base products applied differently. After I set my face with the spray, my makeup felt locked in place with a super smooth finish.”


Nicky: “I usually blot every 2 hours throughout the workday, or at least twice a day if I’m in and out of meetings. But 6 hours in, I haven’t felt the need to blot, because my face has barely oiled up at all.”


Nicky: “My skin felt tight (in a good way) and was definitely less oily. I’ve never really survived not blotting for an entire day as I’ve always felt uncomfortable by lunch, but I was surprised that I didn’t feel that way today. My skin was ‘dewy,’ which I liked!”

The Milani Make It Last Setting Spray (Prime + Correct + Set) is available on BeautyMNL for P650. Shop it right here.

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