ICYMI, we launched BeautyMNL’s first ever in-app forum last November, then called Conversations. We built it because we believed that our community is alive and active, as glimpsed in our Reviews section and even all over our social media pages. Of course, we wanted to nurture this connection by giving all of you the space to actually discuss.

In Conversations, we saw you finally engaging with each other—asking for routines, recommendations, and real life stories about your personal journeys. We saw our community continue to grow through a shared love of all things beauty, wellness, fashion, and mom & baby. Since Conversations is first and foremost a platform for you to come closer together (and get closer to us), we thought it would be best to give it a name that captures this spirit. So, meet Community: your home on BeautyMNL.

If you’ve been using Conversations since its launch, you should have no trouble navigating Community. If anything, you’ll have it easier this time around, since it now comes with tags that allow you to browse categories and topics much more efficiently. But if you’re all new to the experience, keep reading to get started!


STEP 1: Update your BeautyMNL App to the latest version. (Yes, it’s available on both iOS and Android!)

STEP 2: Look for the NEW Community tab in your BeautyMNL dock.

STEP 3: Click through to access the “Join the Conversation” page.

STEP 4: Scroll through the current “Trending Tags,” click “Browse Tags” to view other existing tags, or use the “Search Tags…” bar to quickly find Topics that are relevant to you.

STEP 5: You may also go straight into the CATEGORIES by clicking on what you’re interested in. Within each category, you’ll find several TOPICS to browse.

STEP 6: Once inside your CATEGORY of choice, you have the option to browse the “Most Discussed” tags within it. This refers to the tags with the most number of posted TOPICS.

STEP 7: Scroll through the TOPICS in each CATEGORY to find the most relevant threads, according to your needs. Learn more about a TOPIC by clicking on it.

STEP 8: Don’t forget to read the COMMUNITY GUIDELINES so you can participate within the conditions of this feature. Otherwise, your TOPIC or COMMENT may be reported. (You may find a link to our Guidelines on every CATEGORY page, just below the description.)

STEP 9: Have something new to contribute to a TOPIC, or do you simply want to show support? Type out a reply and hit the “Reply” button.

STEP 10: If you can’t find a TOPIC that interests you or answers a beauty, wellness, or fashion question you have, you may also start a NEW TOPIC. Do this by clicking on the red button, just below the CATEGORY description.

STEP 11: Fill in the TITLE and BODY with your question or intention for the TOPIC, to give people a better idea of what you’re hoping to get from their responses.

STEP 12: Before posting your NEW TOPIC, make it easier to find by ADDING TAGS. Use the search bar to instantly find relevant tags, or manually scroll through the list of tags. Add as many as necessary before posting.

STEP 13: EDIT your Topics or tags by clicking on the 3 dots on the upper rightmost corner of your screen. EDIT or DELETE your Comments by hitting the same 3 dots on your published comment. You may do this for any of your Topics or Comments. You may not EDIT or DELETE Topics, Comments, or tags by other contributors.

STEP 14: View your CONVERSATIONS DASHBOARD by clicking on the speech bubble at the upper rightmost side of your screen, next to the shopping bag icon. Here you’ll find Topics “Created By You” (Topics you’ve started) and “Topics You Follow” (other people’s Topics you’ve previously commented on).


1. INACTIVE TOPICS may be HIDDEN or CLOSED by our Moderators. If Hidden, you may no longer find it in your Conversations dashboard or within the Categories. If Closed, you may still view it through your dashboard or within Categories, but you won’t be able to add a new Comment.

2. You may also REPORT Topics or Comments that are in violation of our Community Guidelines. These will be subject to the approval of our Moderators. Once a Topic or Comment has been assessed and found in violation, they will be taken down immediately.

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