When someone says “Mario Badescu”, the first thing that comes to mind is nearly always their cult-fave Rosewater Facial Spray. Raved about by many—from Youtube beauty gurus and celebrities to even makeup artists—this sought-after product is loved because it refreshes skin, seals makeup in place, and smells like a dream. To top it all off, it’s totally affordable, too.

That said, there’s no helping that prices on this side of the planet are a tad steeper. (Or… a lot.) But as luck would have it, we found that Skin Genie has pretty much the same thing bottled up for only P200. (Even less when it’s on sale!) Only thing left to do is to see how close of a match the two are. Will it be a dupe? Should you splurge or save? Peep our thoughts, below!

SPLURGE: Mario Badescu Facial Spray With Aloe, Herbs, and Rosewater (8oz), P1,080

MAIN DIFFERENCES: It has a lighter, finer mist that needs more product for coverage; the rosewater scent is much stronger and spirited.

An all-around, pick-me-up facial spray, Mario Badescu’s cocktail of floral extracts is a complete delight. It hydrates and rejuvenates with rose, boosts your glow with gardenia, and clarifies skin with thyme. More than that, it works like a charm on makeup, too. Spritz all over your face after you’ve done your magic and it’ll leave you slick-free and makeup-ready throughout the day. No wonder it’s a 5-star favorite!

Shop it right here.

SAVE: Skin Genie Refreshing Witch Hazel, Aloe Vera, and Rose Water Mist, P125

MAIN DIFFERENCES: It’s meant to be used on the face and body; the rosewater scent isn’t as concentrated as Mario Badescu’s (though apparent, nonetheless); and the nozzle spritzes more, but just enough to cover the face in a few sprays.

For an instant cooling effect from head to toe, customers swear by Skin Genie’s Refreshing Mist. A well-kept secret by local beauty junkies, this nourishing formula is infused with an herbal mix of aloe vera, rose, papaya, and witch hazel extracts that’ll perk up your skin and leave it looking alive and radiant—without the sticky feeling. Sounds like a match and an incredible steal if you’re on a tight budget!

Shop it right here.

We’ve given you the deets, now it’s up to you to decide! So what’ll it be: Mario Badescu’s 5-star mist or Skin Genie’s refreshing spray? Share your pick in the comments, below!

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