Himalayan salt is more than just a pretty pink thing. Its true beauty lies in what’s inside it. Himalayan salt contains 84 nutrient-rich minerals, including calcium, iron, and zinc. So not only does your salt-seasoned food get tasty, it also gets a little healthier.

Naturally, wellness buffs found a way to make this already beneficial salt work even harder. Hence, the buzzy (and truly beautiful) Himalayan salt lamp! Beyond its soft pink aesthetic, this crystallized light source is counteractive on stress, tough on air pollutants, and even helps improve allergies. (Read all about that here.)


Prior to this story, my own friends and co-workers have raved about this crystallized marvel to me. When prodded, they did admit that they’re still a little skeptical about its healing powers (“It might just be the placebo effect, you know?”). The salt lamp’s effects on their health, however, are hard to ignore. Here’s exactly what they had to say about that:
“I sleep with it every night and I don’t get allergies in the morning. I usually have really bad allergic rhinitis when I wake up, but with my salt lamp on, it actually went away! My allergies tend to be stress-induced, too, so no doubt the lamp’s calming properties are a factor.” —Arielle, 22

“We have 4 lamps at home. My family started using them because they’re supposed to help with allergic rhinitis, which most of us have. Our allergies haven’t gone away completely, but they’re not as bad. The lamps also help my mom with her meditation and give my dad more restful sleeps. They’re really good for unwinding.. “ —Martin, 24
“I really like its pink hue. The light isn’t too bright, so it calms my eyes after a stressful day at work. But one surprising thing that I love about it is how it makes me feel grounded amidst the city life. It’s like a little slice of nature on my nightstand.” —Lianne, 22

Interesting, right? Because I wanted to get to the bottom of things, I decided to spend a week with Hima’s Himalayan Salt Lamp (I got the 5-7 kilogram version, which comes with its own stand). Hopefully, I’d get a taste of the good (salt) life!


I’ve only been using the lamp for a week, so I’m as surprised as anyone to notice actual changes. For one, I’m certainly calmer and more focused with the lamp lit up on my work desk. For another, my general mood has been relatively stable, whether I’ve gotten a full night’s sleep or not. Weird, right?
My theory is that the lamp’s warming glow gives my over-caffeinated, blue light-soaked brain some reprieve from the constant stimulation. But given that I’m staring at a screen for 8+ hours everyday, that’s just science. Whatever it is, though, I can’t say I don’t appreciate the boost!

Now, you’re probably thinking, “Maybe that’s because you want it to do something,” and that’s fair. I’m only partly convinced of its effectivity myself, even though I really, really like it. Unlike mineral-rich Himalayan rock salt, which you can ingest to reap its proven benefits, this salt format requires a little more faith. The question remains: is it worth taking a chance on? My answer: if you’re curious enough and you’ve got the coins to spare, why not?


There’s no harm in keeping it around, really, so I think I will. If nothing else, it’s soothing to look at whenever my mind gets a little foggy or my nerves are on edge. On days when things either slow to a crawl or bring a whirlwind of stress, that’s plenty healing for me.

So, will you be giving this a try?

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