Although I’m in my mid-twenties, anybody might guess that I’m only sixteen. Chalk it up to my petite size, but I’m also pretty sure that my round face and puffy cheeks have me looking fresh out of high school. It doesn’t bother me, really—who doesn’t want to look young? All the same, I’ve always wondered how to achieve tighter, more refined facial contours without having to wear so much makeup.

Luckily, my friends at BeautyMNL hit me up and asked me to try this top-of-the-line, specially designed face sculptor. I’ve owned a couple of cleansing devices and crystal rollers—both of which did well for my complexion, but not a lot for my facial contours. I agreed and asked them to send it over, not really knowing what to expect. When the package came through and I finally got my hands on it, I knew exactly what made it special: it’s plated with 24-karat gold.


Designed by Anna Perri Beauty, this skincare innovation is a spa at the palm of your hands. If you’ve used gold-infused ampoules or sheet masks, you would know that this magical metal works miracles on almost any kind of skin concern. Packed with potent anti-inflammatory properties, gold has been proven to calm signs of redness, lighten the complexion, heal damage, and improve elasticity. No wonder the ancient Egyptians were obsessed with it!

Compared to your average face roller, this massager is hi-tech. It features 7 pulse settings, so you can amp up the beat depending on your preference. When in use, it pulses with 600Hz vibrations, effectively reducing puffiness and slimming up any saggy areas. In other words, the gold ions work to brighten and heal your skin, while the pulsations work to tone your face.
Naturally, I felt a little bit intimidated and unsure as to how to use it. However, I tried it for a week and realized that it was really easy to integrate to my skincare regimen. Right after my serum and evening moisturizer, I simply switched it on and treated myself to a much-needed massage! Curious to see how it turned out? Check my how-to, below!


STEP 1: After your skincare routine, press the button at the bottom of the massager.

A light will indicate that it’s switched on! Continue until you find a pulse setting you like.

MY TIP: I really liked the third setting. It had the right level of vibration against my skin—not too mild, yet not too strong!
STEP 2: From the center of your face towards your ear, glide the device across all areas of your face.
STEP 3: To switch off, simply hold the switch button until the vibrations stop.

NOTE: The device is powered up by AA alkaline batteries. Simply toss and replace as needed.


First, it really helped my skin absorb the products that I use. I follow a four to five-step routine in the evening, so it sometimes takes a while for my skin to absorb the serums, boosters, and moisturizers that I usually slather on. Using this, I noticed that the products seeped in faster than usual—there was also no residue or stickiness left on the device. My skin definitely felt lighter.

Second, it gave me an instant face lift. I realized that this is what makes it different from a typical crystal roller—the latter simply reduces puffiness, whereas this face sculptor visibly lifts the face and reveals your in-depth contours.

I most definitely didn’t look older, but my typically features (like my cheeks and jawline) were suddenly fine-tuned. I was so impressed!

Lastly, it really did help reduce signs of redness. My skin can get pretty sensitive, and tiny, red bumps usually mushroom overnight—especially when the weather gets erratic. For the first time in months, I started waking up to a smooth-as-satin complexion.
So if you’re wondering whether I do recommend the 24K Gold Face Sculptor the answer is plain and simple: YES. It’s a hassle-free addition to your routine, and it really doesn’t take up too much of your time. Also, if you’re looking to fine-tune your features, then this is a safe and easy way to get it done.

Depending on your features and your face shape, it may take a while for results to show—but hey, with skincare, it’s always worth the wait.

The Anna Perri Beauty 24K Gold Face Sculptor is available on BeautyMNL for P995 (limited time only). Shop it right here!

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