Last year, I gave apple cider vinegar an honest shot to see if it’s as fortifying as all the wellness warriors claim it to be. I drank it everyday for five days, just before breakfast, with a bit of Manuka honey and cinnamon. As a result, I felt less bloated, less hungry, and experienced fewer digestive issues that week. Naturally, I vowed to keep ACV in my diet for the long haul. And boy, I really tried. I stuck with it for a few months before getting swept up in trying to make other habits stick: trying out IF, meeting my macros, and getting my daily steps in. Truthfully, chugging a glassful of ACV became less appealing by the day just because it kept me from my breakfast for too long. I know, I know—it’s not quite the fairytale epilogue I imagined for me and ACV, either.

But don’t un-ship us just yet! After all, old flames can be reignited if you try to experience them in a different light. All I’m saying is—if there were a way to consume ACV that was a little more fuss-free and palatable, wouldn’t we all be scrambling to get our fix?


Enter apple cider vinegar capsules: an easy way to get the benefits of ACV without the pungent smell, taste, or all the extra effort that come with trying to make it go down smoother. I tried out this option from Australia-based brand Tonik for exactly 30 days to see if I’ll get the same results as what I got when I tried liquid ACV. Like other ACV capsule brands, Tonik claims that their product can be a stand-in for the O.G.—especially if you’ve got sensitive senses.

Like their liquid counterpart, the Tonik capsules are supposed to detoxify, energize, improve complexion, lower the risk of heart disease, reduce cholesterol, and promote gut health that could lead to weight loss. Now, those are some pretty big claims for a little white pill. Could they be too good to be true?


1. They minimized my bloating. Like most people, my digestion isn’t always at its best. Due to a number of factors, including hormones, diet, and stress levels, some weeks are easier on my tummy than others. Like I said during my first rodeo with ACV, I tend to feel a little bloated after meals, especially when I have a portion of carbs. After I started taking these regularly, my stomach didn’t puff out as much, which suggests that they helped ease my digestion somewhat.

2. They made me less gassy. Another tell-tale sign of improved digestion is producing a normal amount of gas. Prior to taking the Tonik capsules, I was burping way too much, at least by my standards. I didn’t really change anything about my diet as I was testing these out, so I believe they’re to thank for lessening my gassiness. 3. They were an easier regimen to stick to. I have these propped up on my work desk where I can see them everyday. It’s so easy to pop one before an early lunch, chug a glass of water, and continue with my day. I can imagine keeping a small handful of these in my purse for meals out, too. A+ for portability!


While I can’t speak for its skin-perfecting and energizing qualities, I did notice a difference in my gut health. Whether that’s just because of the capsules or because I paired them with a more-or-less clean diet is left to be known. My plan is to quit taking these for a week to see if my stomach issues come back. If they do, I’ll be back on these faster than you can say “an apple a day.”

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