These days, you can purchase a Himalayan salt lamp just about anywhere: Saturday markets, mall kiosks, and most especially, online. On the web alone, you’ll find hundreds of options—with prices ranging from over P1,000 to as low as P500.

While our first instinct would have been to shop the cheapest option available, we’ve come to learn that not all Himalayan salt lamps are made equal. In fact, the growing demand for the pretty light fixture has also given rise to counterfeits.

Like most counterfeit products of late, these are hard to tell apart from the real deal. Luckily, we’ve uncovered 5 telltale signs that will confirm whether your Himalayan salt lamp is legit (or not). Read on!


Himalayan salt lamps typically have a deep pink or orange hue. But sometimes, you might come across one that appears white. While white Himalayan salt lamps do exist, they’re harder to find and often cost more than its colored counterpart.


Himalayan salt lamps contain a high mineral content, which obstructs the distribution of light waves through the salt. In fact, a real Himalayan salt lamp over 20 pounds will no longer emit light in a uniform pattern. For this reason, your salt lamp should have a warm, soft glow rather than illuminate a whole room.


Himalayan salt lamps are quite fragile due to their composition; this makes them prone to breakage or chipping. It’s probably why experts recommend you handle them with extra care. Conversely, Himalayan salt lamps that are seemingly indestructible, even after improper handling, put their authenticity into question.


Another problem inherent to Himalayan salt lamps is that they tend to “weep.” This is because salt has moisture-absorbing properties that help it purify the air. As a result, the lamp will gather moisture and become damp. So, if you live in a hot and humid environment and your Himalayan salt lamp is dry even when turned off, it might not be made of real salt.


While Himalayan salt lamps aren’t a miracle cure, you should notice a few benefits—from reduced allergy symptoms to less stress and better sleep. That’s why it’s important to make sure you’re getting a genuine Himalayan salt lamp, so you can enjoy all the purported benefits that come with it!

HIMA’s Himalayan Salt Lamps are available for the following weights: 1-2kg (P1,000), 2-3kg (P1,250), and 3-5kg (P1,550). Shop them right here!

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