There’s really no “right” way to go through something as personal as menstruation. It’s a frustrating, often uncomfortable time for most women, and we simply do what we can to get by. So, to all our ladies who not only manage to keep their heads above the red tide, but totally conquer it, too: more power to you!

Just how crazy does it get? Well, we talked to two girl bosses from the BeautyMNL family to find out what the most difficult thing they have to do while bleeding is. Here’s exactly how they handle it! (Spoiler alert: they kick butt every time.)

“During my first year of mountain climbing, I had a good mix of organized and random climbs with freelancer friends and other groups, averaging 1-4 times a month. Lucky for me, I could only remember a few crazy instances when my period fell on the same dates as a climb.
Extra long sanitary pads were a non-negotiable. I found comfort in wearing them because I felt like I could use them for longer, especially during longer, major climbs when I couldn’t be sure when I’d be able to take a CR break or if there’d be a chance to do so. They’d stay in place despite the countless assault and descend!
My favorite climb and travel buddy, the malong has been very handy as well. It’s my personal dresser inside the tent. It has made changing my clothes (and pad!) super easy, despite the changing area being surrounded by fellow climbers who are mostly male.

During these time-of-the-month climbs, the biggest headache is having to lug around a plastic bag with soiled pads and used wipes, but that’s still totally manageable. You just have to bear it for the sake of the views and trails, which have always been worth the hassle. Nothing could stop me from climbing my mountains—not even period pains!”

“I still do Crossfit even during my time of the month. It doesn’t matter if I’m on my first or second day, I never saw my monthly visitor as a hindrance to do my most favourite thing in the world!
I found that working out helps with my cramps—the more I move, the more I don’t get it. Perhaps the only thing I hate the most is the sensation of certain sanitary pads especially when I do intense movements. My advice: go for something barely-there that can still give you security. The more low-key it feels, the easier you’ll forget you’re even on your period!
When it comes to what I eat as fuel when I’m on my period, my diet doesn’t really change, apart from a serious hankering for salty food. To get ahead of this, I make sure to increase my water intake to control my cravings and bloating.”

If we’ve learned anything from Chai and Nicky, true-blue girl bosses will do everything they can to make sure this biological function never gets in their way. Sometimes that means squeezing in a ton of activity and reaching for tried-and-tested sanitary items that will let you move.
Our pick? The Kotex Ultrathin Pads in all their variations. These silky-soft, breathable, and ultra absorbent pads are so comfortable, it’s like you’re not even wearing ‘em. All so you can keep kicking butts and taking names even on red days!

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