No matter how long you’ve been putting your dry skin issues on the back burner, flakes and rashes are simply hard to ignore. Be it the unmistakeable white marks with every scratch, the embedded scales across shins, or the rough, itchy patches you’ve had for weeks, it’s clear your skin is in a serious state of despair.
Luckily for us, tried-and-true staples can nourish and repair even the driest parts of the body—as long as you know what you’re looking for. Enter: the Golden Pot Healing Salve.


You can’t go wrong with the power of an amazing do-it-all salve, and we’re especially smitten with this soothing treatment from Leiania House of Beauty. Made with a blend of calendula, chamomile, turmeric, tamanu oil, and shea butter, this potent oil-balm heals chapped skin, rescues flaky spots, and relieves stubborn itching—without any stickiness. In fact, it seamlessly melts onto skin upon contact, and leaves your limbs looking healthier and softer all over.
It’s a true miracle worker that hits all the sweet spots, too—it’s ethically sourced, eco-friendly, and free of petroleum and harsh chemicals. Even better, the plant-based salve is a natural antiseptic and rich in anti-inflammatory properties that not only works overtime to restore moisture back to the body, but also calms irritation from burns, insect bites, eczema, diaper rashes, and wounds. Need we say more?

So if your lotion isn’t cutting it for your dry, chapped, itchy anything, score yourselves a pot and thank us later. It’s travel-friendly, easy to use, and simple enough to slip into any routine. See it for yourself, below!


1. Exfoliate everywhere, but pay careful attention to areas that are more sensitive, worn, and stripped of moisture. For most people, this could be around the joints like your elbows and knees, while for others it could be the stretch of skin over the shin and waist. Don’t forget areas with callouses, too—like the palms and heels.
Whether you use a dry brush, sugar scrub, or gentle chemical exfoliant, you’ll get to slough away dead skin cells in the way of the moisturizers that’ll relieve your skin afterwards.

2. Next, swirl your finger over the Golden Pot Healing Salve and apply liberally on body parts you want to focus on. This should take care of softening parched, chapped areas and calming skin irritation in a pinch. Repeat at least once everyday for best results.
The Leiania House of Beauty Golden Pot Healing Salve is available on BeautyMNL for P680. Shop it right here!

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