K-pop boy group BTS are taking over the world. Beyond making music and selling out stadiums, you can spot them doing carpool karaoke, inventing LINE Friends characters in their image and likeness (…kind of), and creating beautiful things for the beauty crowd, a.k.a. us. We’re thrilled, but not surprised: after all, K-beauty is so deeply entwined with Korean entertainment, it’s rare to find a celeb without a brand endorsement attached to them. For BTS, that brand happens to be VT Cosmetics.

VT Cosmetics are best known for their frequent collabs with BTS (and, as an extension, BT21), curating beautifully designed collections that are home to premium formulas. They’ve made hand creams, lip rouges, and so many essentials together, spread across multiple seasons. If it’s hard to keep track, we’ll get you started: below, we play around with just some of our absolute favorites from the brand’s many BTS and BT21 collections, and you can see them all together in this beginner’s guide to Korean makeup.

BeautyMNL team member Angeli is a card-carrying member of the BTS superclub, and she says: “I’ll try anything with BTS’ name on it.” So, we had her test out these everyday basics with Korean makeup pro-tips as her guide. Whether you’re a fellow ARMY looking for reviews or a K-beauty newbie in need of a trend roundup, you’ve come to the right place. Scroll!



By now, K-beauty is synonymous with glass skin: that’s when your complexion looks so healthy, it’s almost translucent. Today, you’ll find very few makeup looks that aren’t created over plump and radiant skin. An ultra hydrating moisturizer or facial oil paired with a pore-perfecting primer should give your skin that sought-after dewy finish.


Unlike Instagram brows, Korean girl brows are never too dark, sculpted, or sharply arched. Instead, they’re most typically achieved with featherlight strokes that mimic the appearance of natural hairs. It’s also common practice to soften the arches to the point of a totally straight brow, but that depends on your face shape. (Remember: it’s still best to go with what works for your unique features over something trendy!)

For building your perfect brow, we recommend opting for the Super Tempting Skinny Eyebrow to get those hair-like strokes with minimal effort. It comes with a 1.5mm pen that can define your brows with the lightest touch, so you never run the risk of over-drawing your brows.

WE USED: VT Cosmetics Super Tempting Skinny Eyebrow in 02 Ash Brown, P1,050. Shop it here.


A pretty peachy eye look is a Korean makeup institution—trust us, we’ve been recreating it for years. You’ll see it on idols, K-drama leads, and especially on girls walking the streets of Seoul. It’s easy to achieve, hard to mess up, and gives you a bright-eyed look that works for both day and night.

All you need are the basics, and the BT21 Eyeshadow Palette in Mood Brown offers all of them in the most adorable packaging. A versatile assortment of 7 mattes and shimmers in neutral shades, it’s a beginner-friendly set that’s easy to mix-and-match.

For this signature peach look, you can apply the cream shimmer all over your primed lid to give you an even base. On top, layer the palette’s peachy-pink shimmer, concentrating the pigment on the center of your lid. Lastly, combine the matte tan shade with the shimmery copper to contour your eyes. Of course, make sure there are no harsh lines for that soft-focus effect.

WE USED: VT Cosmetics BT21 Eyeshadow Palette in 01 Mood Brown, P1,980. Shop it here.


If the classic cat eye wings upward to give your eyes a sharp, sultry lift, the puppy dog eye look is all about softening your eyes for a sweet effect. The technique makes your eyes appear bigger and more doe-like, making you look infinitely more youthful.

To achieve this effect, opt for a liner that’s easy to control, like the Super Tempting Skinny Gel Eyeliner. It has a 1.5mm pen tip that allows for a precise and pigmented line, so you can draw your perfect puppy dog eye (waterline included!) with just a few strokes. The trick is to follow the natural downward slope of your eye corners, so that the liner simply enhances your eye shape. Blur the line (while still maintaining its general shape) with an angled liner brush to keep it soft, pretty, and just shy of au naturale.

WE USED: VT Cosmetics Super Tempting Skinny Gel Eyeliner in 02 Dark Brown, P810. Shop it here.


You’ll want your skin to appear as glowing and supple as possible, since K-beauty is all about achieving that enviable skin health. If you’re doing your skincare right (see: tip #1), all you’ll need to refresh your base are a few pats of cushion foundation to smoothe out texture, even out your skin tone, and add some extra brightness.

Cushions are a mainstay in Korean makeup routines, and for good reason: they’re the quickest and handiest way to a flawless, your-skin-but-better base. We especially love those with vivid, interesting designs, like the BT21 Cushions, as they make getting ready just a little bit more fun. Who wouldn’t want to keep one of these in their purse?

WE USED: BT21 Real Wear Water Cushion, P1,750. Shop it here.


For blush, K-beauty loyalists most often reach for liquid and creamy formulations. On the cheeks, they apply more dewy and less cakey than their powder counterparts, making the finish look so much more natural. Once blended out, it gives the cheeks a rosy, lit-from-within flush that seamlessly melts into the skin.


Finish off your oh-so-glowy look with a swipe of a glossy lip lacquer. While, yes, the gradient lip is the style most people associate with K-beauty, juicy finishes are on the rise. So we say ditch the old fade and give your lips a glossy new update.

While everyday Korean makeup tends to veer low-key, a good lip should never be bound to nudes. The BT21 Cream Lip Lacquers come in 4 pigmented shades that let you be a little extra without totally throwing your whole look off. Just a bright pop of color to keep you ever-so-fresh.

WE USED: VT Cosmetics BT21 Cream Lip Lacquer in Mellow Coral, P920. Shop it here.


“I’ve shopped a few products from this brand and regularly stock up on Mediheal masks just because they’re BTS’ favorites. I want to shop everything, but I have to exercise some self-control. I’m just glad I’m not super big on makeup, otherwise I’d probably hoard from VT Cosmetics. Especially since everything I’ve tried here can work for my super simple, everyday face routine.” —Angeli

You can shop VT Cosmetics on BeautyMNL. Shop the brand’s best products, including select items from their BTS to BT21 collaborations, right here.

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