When you’ve made positive lifestyle habits and ruled out any medical issues, and even then you’re tired all the time, you might want extra help. While there are plenty of ways to help increase your energy and keep exhaustion to a minimum, Co-Q10 is a powerful compound that packs all the “help” you could possibly want.


Also known as coenzyme Q10, it’s vital to improving heart and muscle health and powering our cellular energy, which thereby powers us. While Co-10 is part of our inherent human process, the production of the chemical lessens as we age. Meaning our cells can’t produce energy as efficiently.


As we cross over into our 40s, 30s, or even mid-20s, our Co-Q10 levels lessen. This not only leads to lowered energy levels, the key components in maintaining our youthful appearance (A.K.A., antioxidants) are lost with it too. This also leaves us at higher risk of oxidative exposure—which only exacerbates the aging process.
Essentially, Co-Q10 plays an important role is keeping us in our prime. While age is inevitable, plenty of products are enriched with Co-Q10 to ease us through the process. One of which is the Solimo Coenzyme Q-10, which contains 200 mg per capsules—the amount recommended to maintain healthy levels.


To put it to the test, we asked our officemate Suzee to try it out. Suzee is prone to constant exhaustion—and it’s without question why. With two toddler and a 9-to-5 job that consists of out-of-office meetings and interacting with clients, her workweeks are packed with little time to rest.

Although she usually relies on coffee to keep her running, it often comes with unwanted effects—including heart palpitations, migraines, and a late-evening crash that left her exhausted. Which is why she wanted to try Solimo’s Coenzyme Q-10 pills. Suzee took 1 capsule everyday after lunch in a one-week experiment. Read on to hear more about how it went!

NOTE: If you are pregnant, nursing, under 18 years of age, or currently on prescriptive medication, consult your healthcare provider prior to consuming this!


After just one week, Suzee already experienced positive effects. The course of the experiment was happening alongside a very hectic workweek, and yet Suzee’s ”energy was level”—without highs or lows. She was also “working consistently on her tasks,” requiring hardly any pause. What’s more, she only took one cup of coffee everyday with “zero crash in the evening.”

When we asked if Suzee would continue taking the Coenzyme Q-10, she answered with a resounding yes. She really wants to “[test] its effects on [her] energy, mood, and mind clarity,” especially with her time of the month coming up. “This is a crucial time of the month when everything—even my husband’s patience with me—is put to the test.”
Suzee actually wants to recommend it to her husband too, who’s currently “juggling a new role at work … and [pre-exam preparations]—all while [taking care of] two energetic preschoolers.” Additionally, Suzee recommends it to anyone who wants “enough energy to power through the most hectic of workweeks”.

Tell us: would you take the Solimo Coenzyme Q-10? Put it in the comments!

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