Do you remember the time when low-rise skinny jeans were all the rage? Because I think I’ve erased that traumatic memory from my brain.

Low-rise skinnies single-handedly made me hate wearing jeans. They made my legs look short, my thighs feel suffocated, and not to mention it was IMPOSSIBLE to find any pair that fit my hips and didn’t gape at my waist, threatening the world with a peek down my booty. (Beyonce-thighed sisters, do you feel me?)

That’s why I was almost exclusively dressed in skirts and dresses. My style has always been more on the feminine side anyway, so my closet was mostly full of ruffles, florals, rainbows, and whimsical prints.

Here are a few of my favorite girly-girl looks in the past:

Fast forward to 2019, and hallelujah! High-rise jeans and trousers are now having their moment. And I’ve gradually been adding more of these into my closet.

If we were to really find a label for my style… I’d say it’s something like: “creative professional who takes casual Fridays very, very seriously” meets “tropical island girl who lives in crop tops and has too many basket bags.” (It’s a working title.)

That’s why I said yes when BeautyMNL challenged me to style a pair of Mantou Clothing jeans in 3 ways. Below, I’ll share with the 3 ways I style denim so that something very basic… can get a stylish twist.

Before we proceed, here are other important things to note on the sizing and fit of these Mantou Clothing’s Shim’b’s Straight Leg Jeans:

  • Compared to my other pairs of jeans, I’d say that this pair borders more on the mid-rise side of things.

  • They run small. I’m normally a size US 4 and waist 26, but I’m wearing a large in these photos. They fit snug on the legs (remember, these are 100% cotton, so there will be no stretch!), and is roomier on the waist.

Just noting all these here because I know these details are so important when trying to buy jeans online, and it can be frustrating when reviewers don’t mention their sizes and measurements.

Outfit #1: When you want people to think you have it all together

This first outfit is nothing to write home about, I know. Jeans with a button-down shirt? Not so groundbreaking.

But what makes this outfit just a tad bit more special… is that instead of opting for a plain old button-down, I reached for this champagne silk button-down feel absolutely luxurious on, but it also helps me feel like I’m a proper adult who knows what she’s doing.

You know what they say, appearances can be deceiving.

But if an outfit can help me project that image for a day, then I will gladly let it. The jeans with the raw hem, on the other hand, keep the look from veering too much into the Tita territory.

Outfit #2: When you want to be extra and comfortable at the same time

From a completely neutral outfit, we go five decibels up with this second ensemble.

Let’s talk blazers for a second: Yes, I know, it’s more ‘responsible’ to ‘invest’ in neutral colored blazers with a timeless, classic shape — but linen blazers in punchier colors can take a really boring outfit into a whole new level of style.

Especially when you’re at an age when you want to keep yourself warm, but would like to graduate from denim jackets and hoodies… blazers are a great styling option.

I paired it with a magenta blazer and a bright silky peach camisole, and finished it off with a snakeskin sling bag. To tone down everything going on up top, everything else from the waist down was neutral and simple: straight leg jeans and beige pointy-toed heels.

Outfit #3: When you want to be fancy

For this last outfit, I took a page out of Song of Style’s (Aimee Song) book — she’s often found pairing denim with frilly, feminine, fancier tops.

This top checks all those boxes with the ruffles, polka dots, and a trendy one-shoulder silhouette. Normally, people find it hard to style these types of tops, and often only wear it once for an event or a party, then its left to gather dust in the closet.

And so, for fancier tops like this — I tend to wear them a lot on normal days, pairing them with more casual bottoms, such as denim cutoff shorts, or these straight leg jeans from Mantou. The raw hem and cuffed up bottoms serve as a perfect contrast to your otherwise frillier top half.

I find jeans to be the best canvas for just about any top you want to pair it with. This kooky top for instance borders on ridiculously frivolous (I mean, ruffles, polka dots, and one-shoulder silhouette in one?) and could read too clown-y on anything other than a minimalist, clean choice for your bottoms.

The Verdict

I’m a happy jeans convert! These days, I’ve been wearing jeans more than I ever have in the last two decades.

And now, I’m even more excited because a local brand such as Mantou Clothing now offers great-fitting, soft denim. As someone who has cut down on buying fast fashion from big high-street brands, this is definitely great news.

Another thing to be happy about? BeautyMNL’s 14-day free returns! Finding jeans that fit perfectly is HARD. But the great thing about ordering it online? It’s easy to try it on in the comfort of your own home (no long lines and struggling inside a tiny dressing room), and just in case it wasn’t love at first fit, it’s easy and free to return for a bigger or smaller size.

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