What can we say, we love ourselves a good concealer. It’s the secret weapon to beat for hiding dark circles, erasing zits, and creating the illusion of flawless skin. But the truth is, even if it’s been in our kikay kit for years, we’ll always be open to suggestions that’ll help us master the subtle art. Not to mention, let it dramatically change the way we apply it in the process.
Want some advice? Ahead, we’ve put together some key tips to always keep in mind. From how to apply to where, we turned to Heart Evangelista’s celebrated favorite, the Naturactor Cover Face Concealer Foundation, to help you understand the basics and step up your makeup game. (Swatches included!) Have a look-see, below.


1. Hydrate and prep before application.
Dehydrated skin can make it easier for concealer to appear “cakey”. As a fix, you’ll want to moisturize before applying to keep coverage from settling into the lines of your skin. Not only will this hydrate the area, it’ll save your base from budging and drying out your face, which can leave a patchy texture. Alternatively, you can also prep with a primer which should leave you with the same (if not better) effect.

2. Blend by tapping lightly. Don’t rub.
Be it your fingertips, a damp sponge, or a concealer brush, opt for using a light hand with a patting motion to avoid creasing. Apply layer by layer and blend out before adding another. This helps your base last longer and appear more natural.

3. Go beyond under-eyes and blemishes.
When it comes to dark under-eyes and the aftermath of a bad breakout, reaching for your concealer is pretty standard. But you can make your coverage work even harder by going for other areas of your face, like around the nose and mouth. Also known as “laugh lines” or the nasolabial fold, simply pat on a hint of concealer—like two sets of parentheses—to visibly lift and brighten your complexion in an instant.

4. Cancel out redness with green.
Based on the color wheel, green lies on the opposite end of red, which means they’re complementary colors. Using this theory, the technique to neutralizing signs of redness and inflammation is to apply a green colour-correcting formula after foundation, just on areas that need a bit more help. A little goes a long way, and this holds you back from dabbing on too much. Finish the look by topping the green with your closest skin tone-matching concealer.

5. Try the “micro-concealing” technique.
For a more everyday look, it’s best to make your natural skin peek through. To do this, take a thin makeup brush and gently dot on a well-matched shade throughout your face. Focus on areas exactly where you need coverage, and feather out the product as lightly as possible. Pat softly with your fingers to lock in place.


Ayana wears #130
PERFECT FOR: Rosy, pale skin
Undertones: Pink
Kathy wears #140
PERFECT FOR: Fair, light skin
Undertones: Yellow
Tati wears #141
PERFECT FOR: Light to medium skin
Undertones: Pink
Claire wears #151
PERFECT FOR: Medium to tan skin
Undertones: Yellow

If you would like to give these a try, you can shop the Cover Face Concealer Foundation for only P650 each. You can also discover more* Naturactor essentials right here.

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